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The vintage objects occupying the bottom shelf are pigs and cows, corresponding to the Duckbills’ nemeses in the altered book above, representing sloth, greed, and bad savings habits.


The two back walls are papered with digitally rendered clouds combined with dollar signs. The sky descends to a bucolic green countryside and a tree from which are falling tiny maple leaves punched out of paper money. The colors and imagery of this scene segue into that pictured on the Bobbsey Twins Farm Game leaning against the right wall.


The distance from background to foreground is exaggerated by a narrow brown road that begins near the tree in the background and winds down a hill where it widens considerably as it extends into the foreground. Paper money leaves are scattered along the road, and correspondingly gradate in size.


There are three 3-D vintage banks incorporated in this scenario. In the back corner is cheery-looking pig wearing farmer’s overalls. He is grinning at the kids on the Bobbsey Twins box, who wear similar attire. On the left, in the middle ground, is another vintage bank consisting of a smiling cow inside a glass globe. The globe’s base is a wood disk on which is inscribed “Moo-la”. 

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