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There are two shelves on the cabinet below the altered Duckbills book. Both shelves combine the barnyard and money themes with vintage 3-D objects arranged in tableaux. The upper shelf features poultry, thus relating to the Duckbill family. The goose on the left was a bank; and it appears to have laid the proverbial golden egg. A string of gold coins hang from the ceiling and descend into the slotted opening on its back. On the right is another bank in the form of a chicken. The chicken has laid white eggs on which are written: “Don’t/count/your/chicks/before….”


The back right corner is occupied by an opened child’s book, Old MacDonald’s Farm. [The 1/2”-gauge chicken wire pictured in the book is the same gauge as the real wire that encloses the front of the shelf.] In the far left corner is a vintage comic book featuring a large cartoon image of Scrooge McDuck using scissors to trim the paper money that extends from a closed safe. A pair of real scissors hanging on the wall nearby appears to cut the comic book. On the floor of the shelf is a combination of straw, shredded paper money and white and yellow poultry feathers. The walls are covered with faux plywood paper.

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